1. "I wish I had the ‘wow’ effect on someone."
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  2. "Love who you love while you have them. That’s all you can do. Let them go when you must. If you know how to love, you’ll never run out."
    —  Ann Brashares, My Name Is Memory (via theunquotables)

  3. "Love cannot live where there is no trust."
    — Edith Hamilton, Mythology (via hqlines)

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  4. "A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves."
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  5. "How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you."
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  6. "[T]he longer you stay skeptical, doubtful, intellectually uncomfortable, the better it is for you."
    — Joseph Brodsky (via journalofanobody)

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  9. "Do you know how hard it is to say nothing? When every atom of you strains to do the opposite?"
    — Jojo Moyes, Me Before You (via anditslove)
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